OTT WrestleCon 2016

On 28th & 29th October 2016 OTT Wrestling presents the biggest event in Irish wrestling history when they present WrestleCon 2016. Hearing this news I was excited about what the line up would be. Not sure how many “names” would be making the trip I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Xpac, Chris Hero, Abyss and Melina were announced to appear alongside the OTT regulars. Later fans were rewarded with the special bonus of Grado being added to the line up. This guy has a cult following of his own and his entrance to the ring has to be seen to be believed. Not your typical entrance but a memorable one just the same.

But lets go back to Xpac for a minute. This guy has the unique honour of being a member of both the nWo and DX. After following Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to WCW he quickly became an integral part of the original renegade faction of the nWo alongside Hall, Nash, Hulk Hogan, Ted DiBiase and Eric Bischoff. Shortly after being fired by Bischoff he re-signed with the WWF and on his first night back was introduced as a member of Degeneration X alongside their new leader Triple H. Xpac of course went on to have a stellar career in WWF/WWE. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting him when he appeared for Leicester Championship Wrestling and the guy couldn’t have been nicer. He went out of his way to make every person who purchased a VIP ticket feel welcome giving ample time to chat with each and every one of them. I was genuinely surprised he was as approachable as he was. For this reason alone he is well worth the admission of a VIP ticket this year at WrestleCon.

Of course I can’t discuss this upcoming event without mentioning the regular stars of OTT. These guys and girls are the glue that keep it altogether. From top to bottom Joe Cabray, owner of OTT, has a roster of very talented wrestlers, both home grown and imported from the UK.

Local favourite Session Moth Martina will wrestle in the Women’s Championship Tournament on Friday, as well as teaming up with Xpac and Grado on Saturday night against the tag champions Gymnasties. Martina always provides entertainment while bringing her own unique style into play and the ‘nasties entrance alongside Grado, Martina and Xpac will be great fun too! Prepare to dance, laugh, scream and…dance some more with this one.

Jordan Devlin has grown from very talented baby face into a scorching hot heel under the tutelage of the Lord of the Manor himself, Paul Tracy. Devlin has a match pencilled in with Hero on Saturday night which could be something special. Devlin should compliment Hero quite well inside the ring.

Then there is the UK clash between OTT original Ryan Smile and the winner of BOLA 2016 himself , the Villian Marty Scurll. Scurll and Smile have great chemistry together in the ring and this promises to be perhaps the main contender for match of the weekend. Two talents that are on fire at the moment, Scurll and Smile always deliver. Scurll in particular is heading onwards and upwards in his career at this present time. Having seen their first clash a couple of months back I’m really looking forward to the sequel.

Logan Bryce has his D4 rugger character down to a tee and on Friday 28th he clashes with the monster Abyss. Having previously held his own with Rhyno, Bryce is definitely in with a shout in this clash. His stocky frame usually works to his advantage but in this clash he will be the lighter man by some distance. It will be interesting to see how they work this style of match.

After their main event title clash at Wrestling is Art from the Spiegeltent as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival we all await what is next for Cabray’s alter ego Luther Ward and where he goes from here character wise. Will Ward seek a rematch for the title or will he start on a new path completely? The same can be asked of current OTT Champion Pete Dunne and the path he is on. The UK’s Dunne is hitting a steady streak of consistency where his matches range from really good to excellent each time he steps between the ropes. Similar to Scurll, he is so good the fans are finding it harder to boo him each time.

Altogether this promises to be a weekend feast for Irish wrestling fans and one that you can certainly label “Must See”. Joe Cabray has something special going on with OTT Wrestling right now and I can only urge you to go along and attend. If this goes off well we can only imagine what they’ll cook up for us all next year. So throw your support behind this brave and bold venture and help OTT go from strength to strength!





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