Interview with Session Moth Martina


In the first ever interview conducted by Sitting Front Row, we sat down with OTT’s own Session Moth Martina for a chat about all the goings on happening in her exciting career right now. With Irish wrestling preparing itself for the biggest weekend in its history on October 28th -30th at WrestleCon 2016, we managed to grab a few minutes to talk to one of the most popular wrestlers in Ireland today, Karen Gleenon, better known as Session Moth Martina or Kazza. Glennon’s character is so over with fans that sometimes she is pitted against men inside the squared circle. This weekend she takes part in the inarguable OTT Woman’s Championship Tournament as well as being involved in a mixed tag team match against the Gymnasties which will see her team up with international star Grado and former WWE/WCW star X Pac.


Thanks for taking the time to do this interview during what must be a very hectic week for you leading up to the biggest weekend in Irish wrestling history with OTT Wrestling’s WrestleCon 2016. Let’s start with WrestleCon itself. You have 2, possibly 3, big matches ahead of you in the Tivoli Theatre this Friday & Saturday. On Friday Session Moth Martina teams up with X-Pac and Grado to take on The Gymnasties. What are your thoughts on this match and what are you most looking forward to about it? Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this! Well I have to say, this weekend is indeed the biggest of my career both as Kazza or Martina, but once I found out I was wrestling along side Grado, and X-Pac , facing The Gymnasties, who I have wrestled quite a bit throughout my OTT journey, and loved every single match I had with them, I lost it a little. I grew up watching X-Pac, he was without a doubt one of my favourite’s growing up. With the mix of personalities in this match, I can imagine it being one of the funnest matches OTT has ever seen.

Then on Saturday night you take on Bea Priestley in the semi finals of the OTT Woman’s Championship Tournament. Should you be successful in your match you will advance to meet the winner of Katey Harvey vs Melina. How are you feeling going into this historic tournament? I’m feeling nervous but confident. Whatever the outcome of the Katey and Melina match, whoever wins deserves to be there. As for Bea Priestley, I have seen a lot of her stuff, and I look forward to taking her on. I reckon she will bring a lot to the table at OTT. Could be a big change.

What are your thoughts on the other women competing? How much would it mean to you to take on ex WWE Diva’s champion Melina should it happen? Well Katey I have wrestled many times before, throughout my career for years, and Bea is going to be a new one, but from what I’ve seen both are fantastic wrestlers but they definitely can’t keep up with the Moth! As for Melina. She was a huge huge inspiration for me. I have watched her for years, and honestly am a massive fan. I have the utmost respect for her, and should I get the chance to bring that into the ring, well it would an experience like no other.

You have faced Katey Harvey before in both OTT and Pro Wrestling Ulster and have built up a good chemistry together in the ring. Would she be one of your favourite opponents you’ve faced so far? I’ve wrestled Katey more than I’ve wrestled anyone else in my career and over the years the chemistry has improved so, so much. Should our paths continue to cross, I can see us constantly upping the ante.  With us both getting a lot of experience outside of each other, we constantly have stuff to bring to the table.

Another opponent you recently locked up with was Kimber Lee at OTT’s Wexford Spiegeltent card. I think its fair to say you two put on one hell of a battle in one of your finest matches to date? I have to say, my match with Kimber Lee was a massive highlight for me this year, to hang with a girl so renowned and respected with so much experience, and to get such amazing feedback!  Aside from that, she was one of my favourite people I’ve met and we had one of the funnest matches to date, which I really hope I get to do again in front of a Dublin crowd sometime.

After WrestleCon you have more OTT dates to look forward to in Ireland. You’re also booked to compete overseas for various other promotions including Saturday November 5th, in Newcastle for NORTH Wrestling NCL. Although this is your first time wrestling for NORTH, you’ve also competed in other European promotions in Belgium and Germany, to name two. Do you get nervous when you compete outside your familiar home of OTT or do you enjoy the chance to learn different styles? I’ve had the chance to debut for a fair amount of companies this year alone, with more to come, and its truly fantastic. I’ve gotten to wrestle regularly in Belgium and the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland, which is a great thing to say. I’m very excited for my debut with North, and BWE next week, and with more to be announced in the coming months, but there is no place like home. There is no place in the world like OTT. Anyone that comes to it from outside even says it. Its special. Especially for such a small country to do something so huge, it hangs in their with the big boys of Independent wrestling!

Session Moth is definitely a unique character in the women’s division. Do you think the character has helped you to stand out from other competitors? Definitely! There are no other women right now that wear PJ’s or do half the stuff I do, so I think I have that edge for being different. Most women are seen as attractive and I thought it’d be funny to do the opposite. I think that’s the appeal, it stands out because you are not used to it. Very few women do comedy wrestling either, so that’s the sort of aspect I want to bring to any place I work. That’s why I think it got so popular, because it was so different and out of the norm.

Would there be an influence on your character from that of WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and his beer swilling kick ass persona? Without a doubt! Others have called Martina the Irish female Stone Cold, cant get a greater compliment than that!

Who would be a dream match for you past or present? Honestly this weekend could be full of dream matches for me. The idea of tagging with X-Pac, one of my favourite wrestlers is truly unreal. I was such a huge fan of the Attitude Era and the chance I may have to wrestle Melina could be a dream match also. There are tonnes of women in the UK I’ve had my eye on that I would absolutely love to wrestle too.

Have you a favourite match of your own so far in your career? Any match I have had in OTT with the Lads from the Flats and the Gymnasties are without a doubt my favourites. I still look back on them and laugh, that’s how you know everyone did a good job. And recently my matches with Katey and Kimber. So I feel I’ve got the chance to make more favourite matches before the year is out.

At WrestleCon, outside of your own matches, which matches are you looking forward to watching? I’m such a huge fan of nearly everyone on the OTT roster. I’m especially looking forward to my newly introduced brother in OTT, Paddy M, taking on Charlie Garett, Logan Bryce vs Abyss and of course the huge rematch of Ryan Smile vs Marty Scurll. But I’ll say this, Galway included, OTT is bringing you the best weekend of wrestling Ireland has ever seen!

Going forward what is in store for you in 2017? Aside from a few things starting to come into play, I’ve got no Idea.



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