Read While You Queue..

Queuing for OTT The Road To ScrapperMania 3? Sitting Front Row invites you to Read While You Queue…

With 6 weeks to go until ScrapperMania 3 tonight’s card might lay the ground work for things to come next month at The Big One. We look at 6 things we are looking forward to tonight.

1 NLW Champion Ryan Smile vs Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb is built like a boulder and by the looks of him he could probably throw one too! Champion Ryan Smile is a high flying exciting wrestler so their two styles should mesh quite well. We see Smile retaining tonight, whether it be via a run in/DQ, pinfall or otherwise, as it is hard to see the Champion derailed so early into his title run which he has earned by time served with OTT. However we do envisage that he will be thrown around quite a bit tonight taking into account Cobb’s offense.

2 British Strong Style

We have seen WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne inside an OTT ring many times in the past but we have never seen them together with the third member of British Strong Style, Trent Seven. Tonight that changes as the trio are billed together for the first time on these shores. What is lined up for them tonight. Kings Of The North perhaps? Or maybe the Body Bros? We don’t know yet but you get the feeling its going to be something good.

3 The Return of Luther Ward?

Following a couple of cryptic tweets in the last week the rumours have been circulating that we may see the return of Joe Cabray’s alter ego Luther Ward in the Tivoli tonight. Luther appeared last month in Belfast alongside storyline family members Rocky Mac and Pa Ward but the Dublin audience hasn’t seen him since he lost the NLW title to Pete Dunne last September. If he does pop up tonight where will it happen and what will the ramifications be. Here’s hoping he does and has something to do with next month.

4 Scotty Davis vs Connor Andrews

There is great excitement ever since OTT announced this week Scotty Davis vs Connor Andrews. These two wild cats will collide one on one in the middle of the Tivoli tonight and Sitting Front Row can’t wait. In a recent Q&A with OTT play by play commentator Aonghus Og McAnally  he mentioned a very bright prospect he tipped for stardom in Scotty Davis. Word around the OTT camp is that Connor Andrews is equally exciting and with both young men keen to impress the OTT faithful, we should be in for a treat. Hats off to these two stand out members of Main Stage Wrestling on making the step up to OTT.

5 Pointing At The Sign

Yes we expect there to be the OTT version of WWE and its wrestlers who point to the WrestleMania sign. Well in this case we hope to see wrestlers pointing to the Scrappermania 3 sign. You get the feeling members of the crowd will give an extra cheer whenever this happens during the night!

6 The OTT Roster

Last but by no means least is the rest of the OTT roster. From the OTT regulars Justin Shape, Paul Tracey, Logan Bryce, The Lads From The Flats, The Gymnasties, Session Moth Martina, Angel Cruz, The Kings Of The North, Charlie Sterling and Kathy Harvey we will be treated by triple threat match from Jigsaw, Mark Haskins and Travis Banks.  There also the surprise unannounced appearances we have had recently from Marty Scurll, Drew Galloway and of course Finn Balor of WWE. Things are so stacked these days you never know if who will all appear on the card or not.Then again that’s what makes things so exciting isn’t it?

Sitting Front Row



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