Sitting Front Row is one Irish wrestling fan’s blog. Growing up watching wrestling in the late eighties, throughout the nineties and into the new century I’ve seen a “few” matches. Feasting on a plateau of mainly WWF/WWE action I’ve watched Hulkamania in its prime and all the other iconic characters from that era right into the mid nineties until the birth of the nWo in WCW forced Vince McMahon to play his hand and launch the Attitude era. During this time wrestling hit unprecedented heights led by Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, the nWo and many others during the infamous Monday Night Wars. The momentum continued into the early 2000’s before things levelled out a little bit and things went back to the more family friendly format.

As a fan living in Ireland, I mainly viewed my wrestling on Sky. Then as the internet expanded the selection of wrestling did too for the fan living here. Another important factor was the monthly publication of Power Slam, the UK wrestling magazine that published non kayfabe, or real, stories and analysed things from a more realistic point of view. It was during this time that my interest in wrestling changed and changed for the better. I became much more interested in the business as a whole, all the inner workings, and as a result my enjoyment for the industry grew even more.

Nowadays I enjoy WWE but on a more select basis. Maybe its the years of being spoiled with the Attitude era in WWE and the nWo in WCW but the PG content can be hard to take at times. Don’t get me wrong, nothing can top a genuine Wrestlemania moment or just a plain and simple cracker of a match, but the edge isn’t quite the same although there do appear to be changes afoot, which can only be good!

In 2015 I discovered a new wrestling company in Ireland called Over The Top Wrestling or OTT. I went along to a card held in Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre and liked what I saw straight away. OTT caters for the Attitude era fans but has a new wave of talent coming through from Ireland, the UK, America and other countries. It is a matter of time before some of these wrestlers are plying their trade on the bigger stage. I am now a regular at their monthly shows.

This blog is my perspective on all things Wrestling, and by all I mean it will contend blogs on WWE, OTT and wrestlers and wrestling from all over. You won’t always agree with my views but I hope you will at least find my views interesting. I don’t intend to be sensationalistic or outrageous and I definitely don’t intend to be boring. Oh and if you are wondering where I am or are looking out for me, I’ll be the one Sitting Front Row!





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